Accounting & Taxation

Our full range of accounting and tax planning services can help you stay on track to your financial goals and maximize your cash flow.

International Taxation

We can help your multinational business efficiently manage its accounting and tax burdens, as well as comply with today's complex reporting requirements.

Corporate Solutions

We can help you overcome the "U.S. border barrier" by providing a low-cost, fully equipped, fully staffed extension of your Company office in the United States.

Human Resources
and Payroll

Our customized human resource and payroll solutions will allow you to focus on growing your business.

and Acquisitions

We can guide you through the important process of acquisition and disposition of your business.

Accounting Solutions

Get access anytime, anywhere to all your accounting information with our exclusive online accounting platform.

Latest News

New Overtime Rules Suspended for Now

Although new overtime regulations were set to kick in on December 1, a federal district court has moved to block the changes, at least temporarily. What does this mean for employers and what should they do now? Whether businesses should immediately drop plans to comply with the new rules, or move forward anyway, may not be a simple question for employers to answer. Here’s more.

New Version of Form I-9 Issued

Federal law requires every employer that hires an individual for employment in the United States to complete Form I-9, “Employment Eligibility Verification.” The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently issued a new version of Form I-9 that employers must start using soon. Here are the details of the new form.

Get Ready Businesses: Some Filing Due Dates Are Changing

Upcoming due dates for some business tax returns are changing due to legislation passed last year. In addition, the filing deadlines for Forms 1099-MISC and W-2 are also changing in 2017. This means you’ll have to submit information to the IRS earlier than in the past.

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