Accounting & Taxation

Our full range of accounting and tax planning services can help you stay on track to your financial goals and maximize your cash flow.

International Taxation

We can help your multinational business efficiently manage its accounting and tax burdens, as well as comply with today's complex reporting requirements.

Corporate Solutions

We can help you overcome the "U.S. border barrier" by providing a low-cost, fully equipped, fully staffed extension of your Company office in the United States.

Human Resources
and Payroll

Our customized human resource and payroll solutions will allow you to focus on growing your business.

and Acquisitions

We can guide you through the important process of acquisition and disposition of your business.

Accounting Solutions

Get access anytime, anywhere to all your accounting information with our exclusive online accounting platform.

Latest News

7 Tax-Savvy Ways to Give to Charity

haritable giving isn’t just good for society and your karma — it can also lower your tax bill, if you follow federal tax rules and keep detailed records. When the philanthropic mood strikes you, think beyond cash and online donations. Here, we provide several creative alternatives for sharing your good fortune with your favorite charity, as well as advice on how to receive a “gift” of your own from the IRS.

Overtime Pay Rules: Avoid Making Costly Wrong Assumptions

Overtime pay has been in the news a lot lately because of upcoming changes in the income threshold for exempt status. Those changes take effect in December. But even as employers are gearing up for that development, many are getting tripped up by long-standing overtime pay rules. This article discusses some recent examples.

Transfer Business Ownership or Remain Boss?

For family business owners, estate planning can be a challenge. Often, most if not all of their wealth is tied up in their companies, which creates a conflict between the desire to transfer ownership to the next generation and the desire to stay in control. One potential solution is to recapitalize the business into voting and nonvoting shares. This article details this technique.

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